As you enter the property you go  to the office and check in. 

Pole rental is $5.00 per pole.

Please bring nose plyers to remove the hooks.

Guest is responsible for replacing lost hooks and yes we sell hooks. 


 Use a net to pull the fish from the water, it is a must so please follow this rule it saves

 losses and helps keep prices down

 No license is required

 There is no limit on the fish you can catch

 Prices  are as follows we are now admission free if you are fishing.

 Price If you want your fish cleaned and packed on ice it is free.

 If you want your fish filleted it is additional $ 1.00 per fish 

 Leave your coolers in your car the fish will be packed in a bag for you to carry

 them to your cooler.

​Public fishing ponds guide line to follow 

Cash or Credit 

Welcome to Morgan Mill Trout Farm public fishing page 

Closed from Oct 28 till March 31.   We will re-open April 1.