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Asking price is $475.000 

​​​90% of all trout in Western NC will not reproduce they have been genetically altered for rapid growth to meet the food market.This a huge problem if your using these suppliers for your pond and stream stockings.The altered fish have a very short life span and are all female and have egg locking problems that cause death to the fish with in 2 years and some times a lot sooner.They start the egg lock at 1 3/4 lb in size.If you buy at 1 lb they die with in the next 8 months.There is a triploid strain that has a long life span but will not reproduce with the natural trout.To protect your investment demand all natural trout for stream and pond stocking  Morgan Mill is the only farm that offers all natural trout.Our prices reflect the slower growth rate also.Orders Trout prices are $3.00 per lb.Plus 1.25 per loaded mile.Over 350 miles we add over night charges.


   Stockers  available year round 

3lb plus trout coming soon place your orders.

cash or check on delivery 

    We get a lot of calls from people asking if they can keep fish alive in there pond.The answer is yes you can.We do live pond and stream stocking year round .                                                                                                                                      

     We start stocking in Nov. as far south as north Florida .It is simple just keep a check on your water temp. When it drops below 69 it will keep dropping over the winter.You can stock trout in your pond or lake and catch them out for fresh trout on the table before the weather warms up in the spring.In South Carolina and Georgia the northern sections will support trout year round. The western section of North Carolina will support trout year round also.

​​    The size of your pond really does not matter it depends more on the water flow and the water temp. Most home owners will stock in spring and fall in the cooler climate areas and in the warmer areas they stock in Nov.   

     The rainbow trout is the most common for stocking.We do have at times brown trout and brook trout also 

     Place your order early in order to give us time to meet your needs at the farm thanks from Morgan Mill Trout Farm                                                           828 553 2217           828 877 2408 

Alfred Owen